Debarker infeed and outfeed rollers last 4x longer with Vesconite
06 June 2024

Vesconite bushings have outperformed traditional bearings for timber mill debarker infeed and outfeed rollers. 

Previously roller bearings were used. These had to be replaced every year during annual shutdowns. They would generally fail once during the year’s production, leading to costly downtime. Failures were due to the dirt and sand damage to the conventional roller bearings. 

To facilitate the conversion to Vesconite bushings, simple housings were made to replace the conventional bearing housings. This allowed the use of a thin-walled bushing, a further cost saving. A Vesconite washer was placed between the bushing housing and roller as a spacer to take up any side play.

No bushing failures occurred in the four years after replacing the debarker roller bearings with Vesconite bushings. 

The initial cost of the Vesconite bushings has proved cheaper than the roller bearings used previously. 

Their far longer life, lower lubrication requirements and reduced downtime combine to make Vesconite bushings an extremely cost-effective solution for this bearing application.

The Vesconite bushings have lasted four years and were only replaced when the debarker rollers were removed for refurbishing as part of a general maintenance programme.

The change to Vesconite resulted in the following cost savings:

• The cost of Vesconite bushings is less than roller bearings

• No breakdowns or downtime in four years of operation

• Much longer life of Vesconite bearings than the roller bearings

• Less maintenance required

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