Vesconite king pin bushings demonstrate unmatched durability in Yale forklift application
02 June 2024

Vesconite king pin bushings have demonstrated exceptional durability, outlasting OEM kingpin bushings on a Yale forklift by an astounding 27 times.

In a challenging application at a metal recycling plant, a 2.5-ton Yale forklift was equipped with Vesconite king pin bushings and thrust rings. Operating under demandingĀ conditions, including three daily shifts and navigating over broken concrete sections, the Vesconite components significantly outperformed the OEM needle rollerĀ bearings.

The OEM needle roller bearings typically lasted only two months before failing under these harsh conditions. However, after an impressive 4Ā½ years of continuousĀ operation, the Vesconite king pin bushings and thrust rings were inspected and found to be in excellent condition, showcasing Vesconite’s superior wear resistance andĀ reliability.

Forklift steer axles are usually fitted with needle roller bearings that are prone to wear, especially in dirty environments. These bearings often experience high staticĀ impact loads due to the slight oscillations of the king pins, leading to premature bearing failure. Vesconite’s oscillation-friendly bushings address these issues, offeringĀ unparalleled durability and performance.

Key benefits of Vesconite forklift king pin bushings:

ā€¢ Extended service life: Lasted 27 times longer than OEM needle roller bearings.

ā€¢ Enhanced durability: Withstood 4Ā½ years of rigorous use without significant wear.

ā€¢ High wear resistance: Ideal for dirty and challenging environments, including cold rooms.

ā€¢ Superior performance: Handles high static impact loads effectively.

“We are thrilled with the exceptional performance of our kingpin bushings in this demanding application,” says Dr Jean-Patrick Leger, CEO of Vesconite Bearings.

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