Vesconite Bearings delivers largest order to Netherlands customer
21 May 2024

In May, Vesconite Bearings, a global leader in bearing and wear solutions, delivered its largest rudder bearing order to a customer in the Netherlands.

The order, comprising four extra-large meticulously-crafted container ship rudder bearings, marks a significant achievement in engineering excellence and customer service.

These impressive bushings, produced from staves expertly strapped together, reinforced with cloth and resin, and machined to final tolerances, exemplify Vesconite’s commitment to quality and innovation in bearing technology.

The success of this project can be attributed to the exceptional teamwork demonstrated by Vesconite’s sales, logistics, and manufacturing teams.

Although the project had been in discussion with the client for approximately a year, the final specifications and project deadline were only solidified in late April.

Upon finalisation of the specifications, Vesconite’s manufacturing team swiftly sprang into action. They commenced the manufacturing process by leveraging a proprietary methodology and state-of-the-art machinery developed specifically for marine bearing production.

The team’s dedication and utilisation of new machines enabled the accelerated production of the bearings. Their hard work, coupled with attention to detail, ensured the timely completion of the order.

Simultaneously, Vesconite’s logistics team orchestrated the despatch in collaboration with a trusted courier partner. Through strategic planning and coordination, the courier company facilitated a direct flight to the Netherlands, delivering the shipment directly to Vesconite Bearings’ Netherlands warehouse before onward despatch to the customer.

The bearings, packed and ready for despatch in signature pink Vesconite crates.

Logistics Manager ZoĆ« Anagnostou, Marine Applications Engineer Monique Potgieter, and Head of Department (Workshop) Francois van Zyl jointly confirm the exceptional nature of this order, weighing a total of 680 kg. The complexity of manufacturing and delivering numerous large components within a condensed timeframe underscores Vesconite’s expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction.

The order, delivered before the stipulated deadline, showcases Vesconite Bearings’ commitment to meeting and exceeding customer expectations. All four bushings were sent machined to their final sizes, ready for immediate installation.

“We are immensely proud of our team’s collaborative efforts and commitment to excellence, which have enabled us to successfully deliver our largest order for a Netherlands customer to date,” says Potgieter.

“This achievement underscores Vesconite’s position as a trusted partner for high-quality engineered marine bearing solutions.ā€

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