Vesconite Hilube wear rings included in European OEM’s NSF61-accredited pump series
11 March 2024

Vesconite Hilube NSF61-approved wear rings will be featured in an NSF61-approved submersible pump series developed by a well-known European original equipment manufacturer (OEM). 

The pump company confirmed that the pump series had been certified as NSF61 compliant.

The quality assurance manager at the European pump OEM expressed satisfaction with the recent approval, stating, “We are glad to announce that our pumps received NSF61 approval last week.‚ÄĚ 

The NSF/ANSI 61 accreditation, “Drinking Water System Components ‚Äď Health Effects‚ÄĚ, is a highly-regarded US national standard that sets stringent health-effects requirements for chemical contaminants and impurities. The accreditation ensures that products, components, and materials used in drinking water systems meet the highest standards for protecting public health.

Production of the pump series is set to commence, and the product will hit the market in early 2024, said the pump company‚Äôs quality assurance manager. 

As part of this launch, orders will be placed for Vesconite Hilube wear rings, he noted.

Vesconite Bearings, the global provider of no-swell wear-resistant Vesconite Hilube wear rings and bearings to the pump industry, has been in discussion with the European OEM since 2016 when the first sample products were sent for evaluation and testing.

The engagement continued with additional samples sent in subsequent intervals. 

In October 2023, as part of the developing supplier relationship, it was announced that the pump series, incorporating Vesconite Hilube wear-resistant wear rings, had received NSF61 approval.

As part of the launch of multiple submersible pumps, approximately 10 different-sized Vesconite wear rings are expected to be ordered. 

The European pump company anticipates that the NSF61 pump accreditation will enhance its global exports. 

This accreditation is not only a mandatory requirement for all drinking water pumps in the United States but also serves as a recognised quality indicator in various international markets.

Vesconite Bearings is proud to be a contributor to this innovative and accredited pump series, providing a reliable and NSF61-approved solution that aligns with the highest standards in the industry. 

Vesconite Bearings looks forward to continuing its successful collaboration with the European OEM and contributing to the advancement of water system technologies worldwide.

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