Vesconite Hilube bearings perform well in prototype testing for waste-truck ejection system
14 March 2024

Vesconite Hilube bearings have performed well in prototype testing on the chain pulleys of a waste truck’s ejection system.

This is according to Vesconite Bearings, a manufacturer of low-friction, low-wear bearing materials for a wide range of industries.

The wear-resistant bearings were installed in the running surface of four pulleys, guiding a conveyor chain essential to the operation of the ejection system. This chain is responsible for propelling an ejection plate that compacts and ejects the garbage within a waste truck, aiding in optimising garbage collection and landfill use.

A recent report from the North American research and development arm of the prominent waste-truck development company that is testing the bearings highlighted the exceptional durability and reliability of Vesconite Hilube bearings. The dimensions of these bushings remained unchanged since installation, showcasing zero signs of wear even in the face of challenging conditions.

“Vesconite Hilube is specifically engineered to survive in dirty and corrosive environments, unlike conventional bronze bearings in steel housing that are prone to galvanic corrosion when exposed to acids, bases, and various dry and wet materials,” states Tristen Wintershoven, an engineer at Vesconite Bearings, of the difficult operating environment that the bearings face.

“Our bearing material ensures galvanic-corrosion-free performance, making it an ideal choice for applications such as waste-truck ejection systems.”

Wintershoven further elaborates on the rigorous testing process, which included load calculations to ensure the bearings could handle the heavy loads inherent in waste-truck ejection operations.

“The prototype testing required our bearings to withstand intermittent high loads during the ejection process, a challenge which Vesconite Hilube handled well,” he adds.

As a result of the successful testing, several recommendations were made, including enhancements to the running surface of the pins on which Vesconite Hilube operates. With these minor adjustments, Wintershoven is optimistic about the future of Vesconite Hilube in the waste management sector.

“The ejection plate movement within a garbage truck presents a unique and vital application,” Wintershoven emphasises.

“It plays a crucial role in improving garbage collection efficiency and optimising landfill usage, and Vesconite Bearings is pleased to be able to assist with these demands.”

Currently, Vesconite Bearings is actively developing various applications for Vesconite Hilube within the waste management industry, with several projects already in the prototype stage.

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