Vesconite Bearings celebrates milestone achievement with thinnest-walled bearing
05 January 2024

Vesconite Bearings, an innovator in bearing technology, is thrilled to announce a significant achievement – the creation of its thinnest-walled product to date. 

This groundbreaking accomplishment is attributed to Vesconite Bearings’ unparalleled technical ingenuity and advanced CNC programming capabilities.

The focal point of this achievement was the production of close-to-paper-thin wear-resistant Vesconite Hilube articulation bearing liners, which have recently undergone rigorous testing in GE90-SW-type bearings at the articulation points of S6000 trams operated by an Italian tram operator.

The bearing liners, boasting a wall thickness of 0.5 mm, have demonstrated exceptional performance and left a lasting impression on industry experts. 

Vesconite Bearings rail application engineer Jandri Ueckermann notes that her Italian tram operator client was extremely impressed with the engineering capabilities that Vesconite Bearings displayed.

The success of this project can be credited to the expertise of the machinist, Hannes Nel. He navigated the challenges associated with producing a bearing liner with such thin walls, employing unconventional methods to avoid the risk of shattering. 

A two-axes CNC lathe’s speed was significantly reduced, and meticulous tool selection ensured the precise profiling of the bearing liner’s outside and inside diameters to meet stringent tolerances.

Nel highlights the crucial role of CNC programming in ensuring the accuracy of the manufacturing process.

The dedication to precision and innovation is evident in achieving a wall thickness of 0.5 mm throughout the bowl liner – a historic milestone for Vesconite Bearings, he says, noting that this accomplishment surpasses the previous record of 0.7 mm, achieved with a less complex straight bushing.

Vesconite Bearings remains committed to pushing the boundaries of bearing technology, and this technical achievement underscores the company’s dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions to meet the evolving needs of industries worldwide.

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