Vesconite Bearings celebrates over 20 years of success in sewage processing plant applications
02 June 2024

Vesconite Bearings is celebrating more than 20 years of successful applications in sewage processing plants. 

One of Vesconite’s early triumphs in this sector dates back over two decades, involving the supply of the bottom bushings for Archimedes screws manufactured by a company in the Netherlands for a customer in Austria. This project highlighted Vesconite’s ability to supply suitable bushing solutions tailored to the rigorous demands of sewage processing.

The bespoke bushings, designed with a double flange to ensure secure retention in the housing, allowed for easy installation. 

The choice of wear-resistant Vesconite also addressed the critical issue of premature wear experienced with the previous material, which failed within 12 months of operation. The Archimedes screws equipped with Vesconite bushings demonstrated improved durability. After 18 months of continuous operation, the bushings showed no wear. 

Operating under challenging conditions, the bushings were used at a rotational speed of 20 rpm, an operating temperature of 40°C, and a surface pressure of 10 kg/cm² (1 MPa), while handling dirty sewage water. 

Key specifications of the application included:

• Shaft size: 130 mm
• Housing size: 160 mm
• Pumped medium: Dirty sewage water
• Bearing lubrication: Forced clean water

“Vesconite’s bushings are renowned for their low wear, low friction and exceptional dimensional stability in water, making them ideal for immersed applications,” says Dr Jean-Patrick Leger, CEO of Vesconite Bearings. 

“These attributes significantly reduce maintenance requirements and enhance the operational efficiency of sewage processing plants.”

“We are proud of our long-standing association with Archimedes screws in sewage processing plants and the proven performance of our bushings in such a harsh environment,” Leger adds.

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