Vesconite Earthmoving

The dirt, abrasion and loads associated with earthmoving equipment create notoriously harsh operating conditions for moving parts. Despite these conditions – more often than not combining dirt and water – Vesconite performs well, and is the ideal material for bushings operating under slow speeds or oscillating movements under high load. With its lubrication-free qualities, Vesconite can save machine operators considerable lubrication downtime, not to mention reduced wear on costly counter moving parts.

Common Earthmoving Applications



  • Vesconite does not swell or distort in water.
  • Vesconite has a high abrasion resistance.
  • Vesconite does not delaminate.
  • Vesconite does not corrode.
  • Vesconite does not require lubrication.
  • Vesconite saves on costly maintenance downtime.
  • Vesconite is resistant to oils and fuels.
  • Vesconite bushes are easy to fit and remove.
  • Vesconite is shaft-friendly.



Bronze and nylon articulation bushes have high wear rates, due to the abrasive working environment. This results in rapid wear of the surrounding components.

Linear bushings operate against shafts that are often exposed to harsh environmental conditions. With traditional bushings, these areas trap grease, causing dirt to penetrate the shaft bushings.

Vesconite offers a huge time-saving compared to bronze and steel bearings on earthmoving machinery, where maintenance involves lubricating hundreds of grease points, with resultant downtime.

Vesconite Earthmoving Case Studies
Vesconite bushings were fitted to an eight-cubic-metre, multi-purpose grab used to offload ships in Durban ‑ the port that handles the greatest volume…
A Vesconite kingpin and centre cone bushing were tested on a municipal grader. After 450 000km, the wear on the large bush…
An earthmoving-equipment hire business has fitted its bulldozer's hydraulic shift transmissions with Vesconite Hilube seals. The company maintains, repairs and, when required,…
An original equipment dump truck manufacturer first tested the company’s Vesconite Hilube material in its articulation bushes in 2014, and established that…
A grader operator spent considerable sums on labour and downtime by lubricating the bronze rear frame bushings on the machine. Despite regular…
Some 600 graves have been dug in the Luveve and West Park Cemeteries, in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, using 428E Caterpillar Tractor Loader Backhoes…
The labour time spent on greasing bushings can be substantial. Although some greasing globally is automated, much re-lubrication is performed by hand…
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