Vesconite’s origins lie in the gold mining industry, a notoriously harsh working environment. The product was developed as a maintenance-free alternative to bronze bushings traditionally used in mining equipment. Unlike bronze, Vesconite eliminates three key issues: The need for regular lubrication; the effects of dirt and grit on costly components; the damage caused by water to traditional bushing materials. Vesconite offers up to 10 times the lifespan of traditional bushes in these harsh conditions, and saves hours of downtime caused by machines requiring frequent lubrication.

Benefits for

Vesconite has been shown to offer up to 10 times the life of bronze in these harsh conditions.

Vesconite is hard wearing and eliminates time-consuming greasing of bushing parts.

Vesconite prevents damage to costly machine shafts.

Vesconite is unaffected by dirty, gritty and damp conditions.

Vesconite does not swell or distort when exposed to water.

Vesconite low friction co-efficient and high abrasion resistance is well suited to many mining applications.

Common Mining

Underground drilling equipment

Battery locomotive axles

Mining winches

Drill rig boom slides

Mining skips


Earth-moving equipment


Drilling equipment bushes usually require regular greasing and maintenance.

Nylon bushings in mining pumps swell in wet and damp conditions, resulting in potential seizure.

Bronze and nylon bushes deteriorate quickly when operating in dirty conditions.

Nylon bushings distort under high loads, resulting in equipment failure and damage to other machine components.

Mining Case Studies
Vesconite used on a peripheral grinder
South Africa - A mining company using peripheral grinders to sharpen steel bits on rock drills contacted us for a replacement solution to high-wear bronze bushings on its grinding machines. This application receives no lubrication and operates under a great deal of dirt and grit, which accelerated wear rates on the bronze bushings. Vesconite bushing were machined and fitted to this application, and have performed superbly for the past two years.
Vesconite bushings on a vertical borer stabiliser rod
South Africa - A earth-boring company was looking for a durable material to create stabilisers for its borer machines. The machine bores between levels in mines and is capable of boring chutes up to 120m. The drill steel is subject to high levels of grit and rock. The Vesconite stabilisers help align the drill steel, thereby avoiding whip in the drill. Despite the dirty conditions, the new stabilisers required no lubrication between recommended overhaul schedules, and general maintenance and downtime were substantially reduced.
Vesconite used on flask door opening mechanism
South Africa - Flask doors are opening mechanisms allowing ore to pass through and into a skip situated below. Knuckle pin bushes, used on the door’s opening mechanism, are traditionally made from bronze. In this particular instance, the original bushes were subject to heavy wear and eventual seizure due to dirt and lack of lubrication - accessing these bushes is difficult. Vesconite bushes were retrofitted to the mechanism. External lubrication was no longer required and Vesconite’s remarkable ability to function well in dirt and grit meant that maintenance and replacement schedules were greatly reduced.
Vesconite used as oscillating bearing on filter rakearm
South Africa - A mining company sought a harder-wearing alternative to white metal liners on filter rakearms. These rakearms are used to stir the gold bearing solution at the bottom of the filter and as such are subjected to harsh and dirty conditions. The Vesconite bushings were machined and fitted, with excellent results. Unlike the original white metal bushings, the Vesconite replacements are easy to remove and refit, and offer both far longer life and considerable cost savings.
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