Vesconite Videos

Vesconite is used in many agricultural applications, incl. planters, seeders and hoppers, etc.
Wear-resistant floor-friendly wheels, with Vesconite Hilube inserts, are available for trolleys and pallet jacks.
We've expanded our factory and ramped up our 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-axis machining capabilities.
Learn how a Vesconite Hilube U-shaped liner lasts longer than bronze in a Komatsu grader.
Our hanger bearings are being used successfully in the African palm oil and US cane sugar and beet industries.
Vesconite is routinely specified by a signalling company for its point machines.
Vesconite Hilube wear rings are energy efficient and cost-effective in a variety of pumps.
Operating your pump at high temperatures? Hitemp 160 may be the bearing material for you.
Vesconite Bearings produces low-friction pedestal liners for locomotives from Hilube 20, one of our proprietary wear materials.
Find out how to use our Design-a-Bearing calculator for a custom fit.
We have probably the world’s biggest range of hollow bar.
We had a stellar performance during Covid, taking the health and safety of our workers seriously while delivering a superior product.
Replace your bronze sleeve or linear ball bearings with Vesconite Hilube or Vesconite Superlube sleeve bushings.
Find out how our trolley and pallet jack wheels were developed for the meat industry.
The Argentinian team took on the most-difficult race in the world with Vesconite Hilube no-grease suspension bushings.
Vesconite Bearings has a ready-to-fit range of 170 standard-size marine bearings.
Try us and see our fast global deliveries, eye-catching packaging and customer care.
See our corrosion-free component solutions for vertical turbine pumps.
Find out how to use the Design-a-Bearing calculator to design your pump bearings.
Find out about our history and expertise in making low-friction bearings and wear materials.
Vesconite continues to add to its machining capability.
Vesconite Hilube suspension bushings have been used in the 2017, 2018 and 2019 Dakar Rallies.
Suspension bushings are paramount in the Dakar, in which vehicles travel at between 100 kph and 200 kph in all terrains.