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How to use our Design-a-Bearing calculator for a custom fit.
Problems getting bushings and bearings? We have huge stocks - probably the world’s biggest range of hollow bar, rods and and plates.
Our polymer engineering facility is ready for your order. We have installed additional machines and have world-class health and safety procedures.
Replace your bronze sleeve or linear ball bearings with polymer sleeve bushings. They come in Vesconite Hilube and an advanced grade, Vesconite Superlube.
In 2019, Monica De Pontes discovered the problems abattoirs experience with trolley and pallet jack wheels. Have a look at her application-development journey to create our Everlasting range ... long-life wheels named after the beautiful Everlasting Flower.
The Argentinian team took on the longest most-difficult race in the world with confidence thanks to Vesconite Hilube no-grease suspension bushings.
Vesconite Bearings has a ready-to-fit range of 170 standard-size marine bearings. Any sizes outside of this range can be machined if needed.
Our customer service makes all the difference. Try us and see our fast global deliveries, eye-catching packaging and customer care.
Vesconite Hilube corrosion-free components help you build more efficient trouble-free pumps. See our solutions for vertical turbine pumps.
Use the Design-a-Bearing calculator to design your pumps bearings. Find the calculator under the design and technical tab on the website.
Founded in 1958, Vesco Plastics, maker of Vesconite, is a source of employment and expertise in Virginia, a former South African gold-mining hub.
Vesconite continues to add to its machining capability. In April 2021, we received various Haas machines, including a ST15Y and barfeeder, a ST25Y and barfeeder and VF4 SS.
Suspension bushings are considered important in vehicle safety, ride comfort and handling and also align suspension and steering components. Vesconite Hilube suspension bushings have been used in the 2017, 2018 and 2019 Dakar Rallies.
Suspension bushings are paramount in the Dakar, in which vehicles travel at between 100 kph and 200 kph in all kinds of terrain over 15 days. Vesconite Hilube suspension bushings have been used in the 2017, 2018 and 2019 Dakar Rallies.