Empowering early childhood education: The inauguration of the Meloding ECD Teacher Training Centre
29 April 2024

In May 2024, Virginia, in the Free State Province of South Africa, will witness the commencement of a transformative initiative: the development of the Meloding Early Childhood Development (ECD) Teacher Training Centre. 

Spearheaded by Dr Marianne Felix, wife of Vesconite Bearings CEO Dr Jean-Patrick Leger, this initiative marks a significant step towards enhancing the quality of early childhood education in the region.

The genesis of this endeavour owes much to the collaboration of various stakeholders. 

The Teachers’ Learning Centre, represented by Marietjie Gericke (Managing Director), assumes a pivotal role as the curriculum provider, facilitator trainer, and assessor of prospective teacher’s portfolios of evidence.

A not-for-profit organisation known as Love Trust ⎻ with 10 different affiliate ECD teacher training centres, besides its flagship Teacher Training Academy and Nokuphila School ( recognised as one of the best schools in Thembisa) ⎻ is represented by Silas Pillay (Director of Academics), Felicity Wyche (Contracts Administration Manager) and Michelle Peters (Head of Facilitation and Training), and will be offering support to training facilitators and assisting with administrative tasks to ensure teachers meet NQF Level 4 ECD training standards.

Integral to the project are Molyn Moshane, the Principal of Meloding Day Care Centre, and Masiu Majoro, a Grade R teacher, who will serve as training facilitators. With extensive teaching experience, Moshane and Majoro are poised to impart their expertise, having undergone initial training and possessing commendable classroom management skills and a wealth of knowledge about early childhood education.

Some of the key participants in the Meloding ECD Teacher Training Centre: Love Trust’s Felicity Wyche, Meloding Day Care Centre’s Masiu Majoro and Molyn Moshane and Teachers’ Learning Centre’s Marietjie Gericke.

The endeavour also enjoys generous support from organisations such as the Real Great Stuff (RGS) Group, Vesconite Bearings, and the Alain Leger Personal Trust. Their contributions, including educational materials and financial assistance, underscore a collective commitment to advancing early childhood education.

The initiative holds personal significance for the Leger family, honouring the legacy of Elizabeth Maire Leger, the wife of Vesconite Bearings’ founder Alain Leger. Elizabeth Maire Leger’s three-decade dedication to Meloding Day Care Centre epitomises a lifelong commitment to early childhood education. The ECD Teacher Training Centre is a testament to the enduring influence and steadfast friendship of Elizabeth Maire Leger with the Meloding Day Care Centre founder, Elizabeth Radebe.

As the May orientation approaches, 11 teachers have been selected to undergo NQF Level 4 ECD training over the next two years. Saturday sessions will enable them to enhance their skills, fostering their roles as invaluable assets within their respective institutions.

The programme’s success hinges on both the meeting and exceeding of yearly development goals by children and the completion rate of trained teachers.

The project aspires to redefine early childhood education in the broader Virginia area, challenging conventional notions of rote learning. Emphasising play-centred teaching, the curriculum aims to cultivate a holistic range of skills, fostering creativity and critical developmental skills among students.

Meloding Day Care Centre is a beacon of innovative ECD practices, boasting resources conducive to effective learning. Teachers embarking on NQF Level 4 training express optimism, viewing the centre as a catalyst for professional growth and career advancement in the field of ECD.

By nurturing a cadre of skilled educators and promoting progressive teaching methodologies, the initiative endeavours to leave a lasting imprint on the landscape of early childhood education in South Africa.

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