Large plate sizes in the works
31 January 2024

Vesconite Bearings is expanding its manufacturing capabilities to meet the increasing demand for larger low-friction wear plates.

Responding to customer feedback and market trends, Vesconite Bearings is making a substantial investment in additional equipment to produce wear plates of unprecedented sizes, notes CEO Dr Jean-Patrick Leger.

The company aims to introduce 8 x 4 ft (2.44 x 1.22 m) wear plates within the next year or two.

This imperial size is a standard production size in the US and many parts of the world, and is likely to also be in demand by global customers calling for larger sizes.

Vesconite has been responding to customer requirements for different plates for many years.

Customers have expressed a need for longer, thicker, and wider wear plates to reduce wear in their applications and to enhance equipment lifespan.

In response, Vesconite Bearings has already extended its product range to include wear plates up to 20 ft in length, 6 inches in thickness, and widths of 24 inches and 39 inches.

Additionally, Vesconite Bearings can bend plates as needed, providing customers with a diverse range of shapes tailored to their specific requirements.

“We are excited to make this additional strategic investment in response to the evolving needs of our clients,” says Leger.

“The expansion of Vesconite Bearings’ product range reflects the company’s commitment to innovation and meeting the unique demands of various industries,” he states.

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