Renewable Energy – saving the planet one kilowatt at a time. No engineering environment can boast a greater growth rate, versatility or ingenuity as we strive to make Earth a more clean, green home. With the drive for clean energy, a multitude of specialised material requirements have emerged, including a requirement for low friction, environmentally-friendly and low to zero maintenance bearings, bushings, and wear components. Vesconite is the ideal solution for this requirement.

Bushings and bearings in the Renewable Energy Industry are characterised by requirements for very long bearing life (20+ years) and low maintenance due to very limited accessibility. In many applications, such as in hydro turbines, pumps, and wave and tidal devices, the bearings are constantly exposed to or submerged in water as well. Loads are typically very large and speeds low, for which Vesconite is ideal. Vesconite and Vesconite Hilube are ideal for such applications due to the low friction and long wear life characteristics of the material. Vesconite is internally lubricated and therefore eliminates the need for greasing. It also exhibits no water swell, which prevents shaft seizure and allows machining to closer tolerances, resulting in slower wear and more efficient operation.

Common Renewable Energy Applications


Vesconite Hilube has a low co-efficient of friction.

Vesconite Hilube does not require lubrication.

Vesconite Hilube does not swell or distort in
water or when exposed to moisture.

Vesconite Hilube is easy to install.

Vesconite Hilube reduces running costs.

Vesconite Hilube does not corrode.


When comparing Vesconite Hilube to other polymers, a tidal energy producer reported that the Vesconite Hilube bushing had no problem sustaining loads, shock loads or vibration.

Internally lubricated, Vesconite Hilube does not require complex and environmentally-detrimental lubrication systems. Bearings can run dry or utilise water lubrication.

Exhibiting no swell or creep, Vesconite Hilube is the ideal low-maintenance bearing solution for marine and submerged renewable energy applications.

Vesconite Hilube is homogenous and dimensionally stable, not suffering from laminate-associated problems such as bearing delamination or fluctuating friction coefficients.

The ease of fitting Vesconite Hilube bushings when compared to traditional materials assures a cost saving in terms of machine downtime.

Vesconite Renewable Energy Case Studies
Vesconite Bearings is the newest member of the 130-organisation-strong International Windship Association (IWSA), following its acceptance in August into the non-profit organisation…
A large wind turbine manufacturer continues to use Vesconite Hilube actuator bearing supports in its wind turbines’ hydraulic blade pitch control systems.…
A large-diameter six-meter lathe is expected at Vesconite Bearings’ South African factory in the next few weeks. The lathe will be able to machine extra-large-diameter bearings, which are in demand for marine mining, container ships, oil tankers, and equipment used to generate renewable power from tides, waves and currents.
A US based aeration windmill manufacturer installed Vesconite Hilube bushings on its windmills, leading to smoother and more efficient operation. The bushings…
Two mounted ocean-powered turbines are generating electricity in Nova Scotia, Canada, using Vesconite Hilube plates that make up large bushings. The ocean-powered…
Tidal energy equipment developer Norwegian Ocean Power has successfully trialled its Pulsus horizontal-axis spiral-design tidal turbine, as part of the development of…
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