Vesconite Hilube bushings reduce energy costs in renewable energy applications. Turbines associated with these applications need to move rapidly and easily to produce efficient power, meaning wind, wave, tidal and current-driven turbines require a low coefficient of friction. Reduced energy losses as a result of the lower friction present in Vesconite Hilube bushings, allow turbines to rotate easily, producing electricity faster and at a reduced cost.


Vesconite Hilube has a low co-efficient of friction.

Vesconite Hilube does not require lubrication.

Vesconite Hilube does not swell or distort in water or when exposed to moisture.

Vesconite Hilube is easy to install.

Vesconite Hilube reduces running costs.

Vesconite Hilube does not corrode.


When comparing Vesconite Hilube to other polymers, a tidal energy producer reported that the Vesconite Hilube bushing had no problem sustaining loads, shock loads or vibration.

A tidal energy producer reported that a Vesconite Hilube bushing was able to absorb structural vibration resulting from turbulence.

The ease of fitting Vesconite bushings when compared to traditional materials assures a cost saving in terms of machine downtime.

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