Vesconite Rail

Our Vesconite rail polymers have over several decades been successfully used in a number of railway applications. The materials’ self-lubricating properties make them well suited to railway components that are prone to metal on metal wear and require regular greasing. Not only will a switch to these bushings and wear components avoid long periods of downtime, the noise and squeal issues commonly associated with rolling stock will be significantly reduced. With a resultant reduction in rolling resistance, considerable power savings have been noted with the use of Vesconite rail polymer components.

Common Rail Applications
Vesconite Rail Resources


Vesconite rail polymers create overall smoother train and
wear component movement.

Vesconite rail polymers ensure low wear in expensive rail
box bearings and shafts.

Vesconite rail polymers avoid the need for regular greasing.

Vesconite rail polymers reduce noise and squeal associated
with rolling stock.

Vesconite rail polymers are resistant to oils and fuels.

Vesconite rail polymers reduce maintenance on rails,
wheels and axle bushes.


Manganese steel tends towards material fatigue and cracking.

Metal center liners have a higher friction coefficient compared to Vesconite rail polymers.
The result is greater turning effort and faster wear on rails and wheels.

Metal bushings and liners are difficult to remove and fit.
This is not the case with Vesconite rail polymers. 

Metal to metal wear causes costly downtime on rolling stock – an issue often not factored in.

Vesconite Rail Case Studies
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"We have successfully used Vesconite on many applications on the miniature railway in Stellenbosch, so using it on a full-size rail vehicle…
A large freight-rail operator in Australia has approved Vesconite Hilube brake linkage bushings for its locomotive fleet, to replace bushings in its…
A specialised Southern African railway signalling company, Actom Signalling, has found minimal wear in accelerated wear testing on the Vesconite slides that…
A freight operator in Africa tested Vesconite’s Hilube 20 pedestal liners on its type 9307 locomotives and will be installing these liners…
The team that was awarded the Guinness World Record in 2017 for the longest distance covered by a miniature steam train is…
Six Vesconite Superlube load pads that have been recovered from South African rail parastatal Transnet’s Sishen-Saldanha-line bogies show little wear after two…
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