Vesconite Food and Beverage

Extracting, filtering, milling, purifying, mincing, liquefying, emulsifying, cooking, pickling, pasteurising, canning, slicing, dicing and drying are some of the many physical and chemical means through which raw food ingredients are transformed into other forms.

Plain bearings and wear parts involved in these processes are required to be hard-wearing, hygienic and resistant to food and cleaning chemicals. They are also required to be non-toxic and colour free, in the case of direct food contact.

Common Food and Beverage Applications
Vesconite Food and Beverage Resources



  • Vesconite and Hitemp polymers do not swell or trap stagnant water.
  • White Vesconite Hilube, Hitemp 160 and Hitemp 150 ensure no colour transfer
  • The Vesconite and Hitemp ranges have a high abrasion resistance.
  • Vesconite and Hitemp polymers do not include toxic chemicals.
  • Vesconite and Hitemp polymers do not require lubrication.
  • Vesconite saves on costly maintenance downtime.
  • Vesconite is resistant to food and cleaning chemicals.
  • Hitemp 150 and 160 can withstand high-temperatures during operation and steam cleaning



Vesconite is often preferred to metallic components, including bronzes, which often contain lead and tin. This avoidance of tin and lead for the food-processing company has become important as consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the dangers of heavy metals to tissues and organs.

Non-food-grade nylon bearings tend to absorb water and harvest bacteria. Other bearing materials should be carefully investigated, and only those thermoplastics that do not swell should be considered since trapped stagnant water is an environment in which microbes thrive.

Vesconite bearings offer the advantage of avoiding lubrication in the food-processing plant if required. This eliminates food particulates being caught in lubricant and later contaminating the production chain.



  • Dressing, hook, pan line and scald line rollers.
  • Band saw guides, chicken dressing cones, shackle guides, crate conveyor rollers.
  • Scrapers.
  • Bushings in mixers and filling machines.
  • Hanger bearings in screw conveyors.
  • Feeder rollers, castor wheels and pivot points in conveyors and idlers.
Vesconite Food and Beverage Case Studies
Extracting, filtering, milling, purifying, mincing, liquefying, emulsifying, cooking, pickling, pasteurising, canning, slicing, dicing and drying are some of the many physical and…
A drop-size carrot sorter, with Vesconite plain bearings installed on its conveyor chains, has worked well at South Africa‚Äôs largest carrot producer…
Many customers complained about their castor and trolley jack wheels ... so we decided to create our new "Everlasting Range" - long-life…
Vesconite‚Äôs Hitemp 150 hanger bearings have been installed at a palm oil processing factory in Cameroon, Central Africa. This followed a suggestion…
Vesconite¬†Bearings supplied dressing rollers made with long-life, internally-lubricated Vesconite Hilube bearings to Brakwater Abattoir,¬†in Namibia. Prior to the introduction of Vesconite, carcasses…
A large beverage producer turned to Vesconite Bearings for a solution when it found that its forklift side-shift pads were not able…
Ultrablack plate has been running for 15 years on a premier-sparkling-wine neck-freezer machine with no wear or swelling. This is according to…
Vesconite Hilube bushings lasted three times longer in a heat exchanger used for the forced cooling of wine at a bottling company…
A large food-processing company in South Africa is replacing several of the polyethylene plates on its rotary vacuum filters with plates made…
A high-temperature, abrasion-resistant bearing polymer has been developed by Vesconite Bearings from all food-grade ingredients. The polymer is known as Hitemp 150…
Melamine hanger bearings will face a new competitor in the sugar industry, as a result of the development and active promotion of…
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