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Vesconite Success Stories

Vesconite was the best material choice ever
Fisher and Roger (PTY) Ltd.
South Africa

When building a 40ft yacht, I investigated many ways to bush the main rudder shaft and decided to move from the norm brass bush to a vesconite bush. The Vesconite bush is a large single bush, L 240mm, OD 101.5mm, ID 77.3mm. Vesconite has been the best choice of material ever.

The bush drives the main rudder blade and is submerged in sea water moving the rubber back and forth as it controls 13 Tons of yacht through tough ocean conditions. I sailed with my young family on the Vaal Dam then moved the yacht to Simons Town where we completed in the Saint Helena Race, a 2000 nautical mile journey across the Atlantic.

I have since sold the yacht to its new owner who has now completed more than 20 000 nautical miles. She is now been prepared for a trip to Chile. The Vesconite bush on her rudder is still 100%.

No water absorption and expansion with Vesconite
Aleksandras Kaliberda

We used Vesconite Hilube on a sail boat rudder, submerged in salt water. Acetal was used previously, but Vesconite does not absorb water and does not expand. With the benefit of self lubrication, Vesconite is the best possible material for rudder bearings, and outlives any of the alternatives available.

We are now in our third cycle of savings having used Vesconite
Locomotive 5542 Limited
United Kingdom

We replaced the white metal bushes on our steam rail locomotive with Vesconite bushes. The ease of fitting and durability of Vesconite have been excellent. We are now in the third cycle of savings plus reduced oil use and resultant pollution. As a voluntary operation, Vescomite has been a great investment for us in engineering costs. We are looking to expand the use of Vesconite into other areas of our Steam Locomotive operations in the United Kingdom.

Robust and long-lasting
P Cor Engineering CC
South Africa
We use Vesconite and Vesconite Hilube in retrofitting of CNC lathes and milling machines. We are also using it in the race car industry for bushing on suspension and hinges.
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