Printer users can now replace bronze sleeve bushings or linear ball bearings with polymer sleeve bushings.

These are supplied in Vesconite Hilube (a low-friction polymer) or in Vesconite Superlube (an ultra-low-friction polymer).



Noise reduction

Tight running clearance for improved printed parts


Low friction

Shaft friendly

Custom sizing available

Layering improves






XYZ printing

and many more.




Vesconite Bearings offers the full LM (Linear Motion) range of ball bearing replacements across a wide range of printers.

Vesconite Bearings also offers custom sizing. Kindly send your special requirements to

Any and all proposed replacements (V-Slot configurations, lead screw replacements, etc.) can be directed to

3D Printer Bushings Case Studies
I believe you have a great product!

United States: I recently installed Vesconite Hilube bushes to my Bear. The bushes and printer have been performing faultlessly. I then removed the metal linear ball bearings from my Prusa MK3 and installed the Vesconite Superlube bushings. They are also spot on with no deviation on that set of rods. I believe you have a great product!

No slop with Vesconite

Canada. My order from Vesconite Bearings in South Africa arrived fast and in great condition. The major concern with competitors is that they do not work well due to massive amounts of slop. Well, the Vesconite bearings don’t have that, which is amazing. The bearings aren’t as tight on the rods, but are far superior tolerance wise than competing bushings…by a lot. Whoever pointed me in the direction of Vesconite, thank you!

All I now hear is stepper motors and fans!

Czech Republic. I have finally installed my Vesconite bushes. All I hear now is stepper motors and fans! Other movements depending on bushings are quite silent. Most of all, without any rattling sound at all. Plus, the print quality has improved. I'm very satisfied.

Over 6000 hours of printing with no signs of wear

Norway. We have been running trials with Vesconite Hilube sleeve bushings on 3D printers, to create more robust, reliable and smoother-operating machines. The current Vesconite Hilube bushings fitted to our test printer, have now exceeded 6000 hours of use and, on inspection, show no signs of wear. It is amazing how incredibly durable this material is. We are now looking at standardising printer bushing sizes and will certainly be using Vesconite Hilube in the future.

These bushings are remarkable!
United States. I have installed the Vesconite Superlube bushings on my MK3 with stock rails and the Vesconite Hilube on my Bear with MK3 stock rails. I also installed both Superlube and Hilube on hardened rods and have had brilliant results. These bushings are remarkable.
Vesconite Hilube bushing running smoothly

United Kingdom. The Vesconite Hilube bushings ran smoothly with slight clearance when I tested them on the rods. I have now re-built the extruder with printed spacers to move the bearings 0.2mm further apart so they match the spacing at the rod end fittings. This setup is running extremely well so far.

Vesconite Superlube bushings doing a fantastic job

United Kingdom. I have installed the Vesconite Superlube bushings on my machine. After a small amount of testing with these bushings, I have to say I am very pleased with the outcome. The Vesconite bushings are doing a fantastic job! I would certainly recommend them to others in the industry.

My ears are very happy!

United States. There's little to no torsional play in the bed of my printer since fitting the Vesconite Hilube bushings and I cannot see any deficiencies or print problems in my parts. They're as good or better than what I was getting before. Square parts are square and surface finish is very good. My ears are also very happy! I was printing in power mode the other day and it was only the actual motors themselves (and fans) that were audible. If I ever run into Z axis issues, I now know what I'm going to buy to replace those bearings.

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