Vesconite in Forklifts

A forklift can operate for up to 24 hours each day in various environments. Vesconite is ideal for forklifts used in harsh conditions. The wear parts used in these forklifts need high wear resistance – yet they carry heavy loads. Traditional materials need regular greasing to maintain their wear life. Vesconite’s self-lubricating properties give exceptional wear life at the same time as reducing maintenance and downtime. Vesconite has tried and tested solutions to keep your forklifts running smoothly for longer.

Common Forklifts Applications
Vesconite Forklifts Resources


  • Vesconite increases shaft life.
  • Vesconite requires no lubrication.
  • Vesconite has an exceptionally high load capacity.
  • Vesconite excels in dirty and wet environments.
  • Vesconite is resistant to oils and fuels.
  • Vesconite bearings are easy to fit and remove.


Vesconite is known worldwide for it long wear life, whereas bronze and nylon bushings have higher wear rates and may cause damage to mating components.

Many competing products require grease. Since Vesconite forklift parts do not need greasing, this makes them particularly desirable in food processing environments.

Vesconite’s design team can custom make most forklift wear parts, even for discontinued forklifts with difficult to find parts.

There are many parts on a forklift which are part of the mechanisms for lifting and side shifting heavy loads. Vesconite no grease, high load strength and long life wear parts are the solution for these rugged applications.


  • Side shift pads
  • Mast pivot bushings
  • Steer axle articulation bushings
  • Lever and pedal bushings
  • King pin bushings
  • Tilt cylinder bushings
  • Gantry support bearings
Vesconite Forklifts Case Studies
Vesconite king pin bushings have demonstrated exceptional durability, outlasting OEM kingpin bushings on a Yale forklift by an astounding 27 times. In…
We understand your frustration with messy grease on your forklift. Our forklift team replaced the bronze liner on this forklift with a…
A forklift rental company in the Cape winelands, South Africa, is experiencing less downtime, expenditure and fewer equipment repairs thanks to the introduction…
Vesconite battery slides will be introduced on all electric forklifts at a beverage producer following successful testing. The battery slides, made from…
Vesconite Bearings is exploring new engineering design methods, including reducing or eliminating grooves, where possible, in industrial and marine applications. Vesconite’s bearing…
A bottling plant achieved over 10 times the life of forklift side-shift pads by switching to self-lubricating wear-resistant Vesconite. These hard-working pads…
Bearing and wear part manufacturer Vesconite Bearings has increased its efforts to develop better -than-the-original-equipment-manufacturer (OEM) forklift parts. The company has long…
A forklift repair company in Australia has replaced forklift side-shift carriage pads with Vesconite. This machine operates in a Foundry, the conditions are often harsh and dirty.
A large South African forklift hire company uses Vesconite retainer stubs at the bottom of their integral side-shift forklift attachments, as well as top and bottom side-shift wear pads.
A large beverage producer turned to Vesconite Bearings for a solution when it found that its forklift side-shift pads were not able…
A sawmill forklift has to operate under dusty conditions and over rough terrain. These unfavourable conditions coupled with poor lubrication resulted in the original bearings on the mast breaking down approximately every six months.
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