Hitemp 150 bushings in rock drills perform well under extreme conditions
19 February 2018

A company specialising in pumping equipment continues to use rock drill machinery fitted with bushings made from Hitemp 150, Vesconite’s temperature and wear resistant, internally lubricated polymer.

The drill bushings are exposed to high temperature and pressure, as well as water, resulting in significant stress, which the previous bushing materials succumbed to within two weeks.

Not so with Hitemp 150, which reduced bushing replacement intervals to only four times per year. A significant cost saving in downtime on machinery resulted.

Late last year, Vesconite produced over 4200 bushing for the company, which has been manufacturing the rock drills successfully for the past 10 years.

Vesconite continues to develop Hitemp 150 and products that are specifically designed to cope with extraordinary operating conditions.

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