Vesconite Hilube dressing rollers functioning well after a year
15 March 2021

Vesconite Bearings supplied dressing rollers made with long-life, internally-lubricated Vesconite Hilube bearings to Brakwater Abattoir, in Namibia.

Prior to the introduction of Vesconite, carcasses at the abattoir were suspended using the rollers on overhead rails, then transferred on manual conveyors to different parts of the abattoir.

The dressing rollers also operated in a cold and damp environment and needed to carry heavy loads since a carcass typically weighs 400 to 620 kg.

In addition, moving the carcasses caused extensive wear and breakages to the previous dressing rollers the abattoir used, and extra hands were needed to move the carcasses from one line to the next.

Then Brakwater switched to Vesconite.

Vesconite Hilube dressing rollers were found to glide smoothly between the lines, reducing manual labour. Where previously two people were required to bodily move carcasses to the next line, with Vesconite Hilube dressing rollers one person can move the carcasses with one hand.

Vesconite Hilube dressing rollers were installed in March 2020 and, by February 2021, still did not need replacement while the previous rollers only lasted six months.

Maintenance Manager Julias Marais comments that he is so grateful that Vesconite was introduced to him and that will never go back to the old rollers. “Puik materiaal! (Great material)” he says.

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