Large-diameter lathe ensures happier marine and renewable clients
08 March 2021

A new large-diameter six-meter lathe has been commissioned at Vesconite Bearings’ South African factory.

The lathe will be able to machine extra-large-diameter bearings and plates, which are in demand for marine mining, container ships, oil tankers, and equipment used to generate renewable power from tides, waves and currents.

The lathe has a ‘swing-over-bed’ of 1,630 mm and a bed of 6,000 mm, which means that it can machine a tube with a diameter of up to 1,630 mm and a length of six meters or a plate measuring six meters.

Other noteworthy specifications are that it has a ‘swing-in-gap’ of 1,890 mm, which means that it can machine short bearings and discs of that diameter.

Vesconite Bearings has a vertical lathe that it uses to machine bearings with diameters up to 1.2 m.

The new machine has expanded the company’s machining capability and increase the speed at which it is able to machine bearings.

“We will be able to supply customers quicker,” says CEO Dr Jean-Patrick Leger. “This is essential for marine clients since keeping a ship in dry dock for repairs can be costly.”

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