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08 May 2023

When a competitor quoted the product manager at a large Austrian technology company a long delivery time for his order, he was underwhelmed.

The 7 to 12 weeks from the placement of an order was considerable when compared to a typical one to two week despatch time for Vesconite.

“Sometimes a lengthy delivery time is not acceptable for us,” the product manager said. (Read more here)

Switch to Vesconite

We’d like to invite those who have been quoted long delivery times or informed of shortages of bushing stock shapes to switch to Vesconite Bearings’ products. We have stock of Vesconite, Vesconite Hilube, Vesconite Superlube, Hitemp 150 and Hitemp 160 bearing materials.

We have also implemented the following logistical solutions:

  • We have expanded our warehouses globally with stock in the United Kingdom, Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, United States, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina and Namibia.
  • Hub-and-spoke configurations: our Netherlands warehouse is an example. Strategically located, it serves demand from Europe. (Read more here and here)
  • We are adding notifications for shipment visibility. (Read more here)
  • We are committed to immediate follow up. If something goes wrong with a delivery, we will try to solve the problem speedily. (Read more here)

Vesconite Bearings expanded production during the Covid period. In fact during Covid:

  • we did not retrench, so our production staff are in place;
  • we continued training learners and apprentices, so they are more experienced and knowledgeable to add value within our company;
  • we bought additional CNCs and now have 90 on-hand in our expanded machine shops for custom-made parts;
  • we became more efficient at production, and our extrusion shop has new facilities to meet the demand for rods, hollow bar and plates;
  • we introduced a facility dedicated to producing extra-large bearings, including marine bearings (Read more here);
  • we commissioned a facility dedicated to producing large quantity bearing orders (Read more here) ; and
  • we continued to produce bearings in advance for frequent customers and customers with long-term off-take agreements.
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