Vesconite bushings handle cleaning chemicals
20 July 2023

Vesconite’s ability to withstand various chemicals has been proven in an ultrasonic cleaning application, where bushings made from the chemically-resistant material were fitted to an ultrasonic cleaning machine designed to handle 170,000 parts per day.

The bushings were fitted to the transport cages on the conveyor.

They were immersed in the cleaning liquid, which acted as the only lubrication, and were in contact with the swarf from the cleaning process.

Ultrasonic cleaners are typically used to clean complex parts that may have intricate holes.

They typically require hard, non-absorbent materials that remain unaffected by cleaning fluids.

Vesconite replaced metal-coated bearings that did not perform well in the dirty application because of the thin layer of bearing material before metal-to-metal wear occurs.

Full-thickness Vesconite bushings gave a long life even when immersed in contaminated cleaning solutions.

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