900 tons of snow per hour moved with the help of Vesconite
09 September 2021

There is no end to the applications for which Vesconite can be used – even in the coldest climates.

In the USA, commercial snow throwers are fitted with Vesconite bearings. The bearings are on both sides of the auger gear box and come into operation if the auger shear breaks and the power continues. This allows the gear box and transfer shaft to keep turning when the auger jams.

The trackless blower is able to blow snow 40 to 60 feet (15 to 20 metres) from the chute without forming ugly berms.

Vesconite is the material of choice for the freezing, harsh, dirty conditions in which this agile, trackless blower works. Vesconite does not become brittle in extreme cold and copes with wear in the wet, giving low friction, long life with minimal lubrication

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