Vesconite preferred for rigging track slider inserts
12 April 2022

When Vesconite Bearings called a Mallorca client in last month, the bearing company discovered that repairs were under way to 15 yachts, including one that was having wear-resistant low-co-efficient-of-friction Vesconite T-track slider inserts fitted to allow sliders with sheaves to move up and down tracks more easily.

Repairs to sheaves and associated equipment are a routine occurance at this highly-regarded company that specialises in marine welding, fabrication and machining.  The Mallorca company‚Äôs machine shop works with thermoplastics such as Vesconite to produce bushings, sheaves and their associated bearings when yachts require servicing.

Vesconite was used as a slider insert because it:

  • is harder than many other bearing materials;
  • can take the high loads that rigging sheaves need to carry;
  • does not heat up despite moving fast, which is a benefit in sheaves and track sliders associated with rigging;
  • can be exposed to sea water without rusting or corrosion;
  • does not swell and distort; and
  • is UV resistant, which is important because sheaves, sliders and slider inserts are continuously exposed to harsh direct sunlight.

The welding, fabrication and machining company has been operating for more than 20 years, employs 10 staff members and works with some of the finest yachts in the world, which range from 30 to 70 metres in length.

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