Vesconite bushings still in place after 15 years on agricultural borehole pumps
31 January 2018

15 years ago, a South African vegetable farming enterprise fitted two borehole pumps with custom-designed Vesconite spiders.

Vesconite has become internationally recognised as a versatile, high-performance replacement for traditional bushing and bearing materials and has often been used as a line shaft bushing that supports borehole pump shafts.

However, in this application, the spiders were used to centralise the pump shafts, which reach to a depth of nearly 80m below the ground surface. The spiders have an outer diameter of 100mm, with a shaft of one inch, with 8mm radiating spokes ā€“ which create a spider-like appearance.

Pumping a potential two million litres of irrigation water per day, the pumpsā€™ original bronze spiders were removed, as they were deemed too heavy, likely to wear, and have a possibility of being stolen for resale when the pumps were removed for servicing.

The Vesconite spiders are still functioning without fault after all these years. According to farm owner Roland Gaberthuel, the Vesconite parts will likely outlive the pumps. Proof that Vesconite was the ideal material for this demanding application.

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