Vesconite reduces maintenance on high load bearing trolleys
09 January 2018

A South African insulation company with insulation contracts at 18 sites has opted to replace its trolley wheel bushings with Vesconite.

The company has many on-site maintenance contracts that involve the production and installation of specialised thermal insulation and cladding.

Where the installation site is far from the storage site, trolleys are used to move cladding materials.

Polyvinyl chloride wheel bushings were used previously but, following the replacement with Vesconite, the wheels last 10 times longer, says a company representative.

The trolleys, some of them measuring 1,5m by 5m, are necessary to carry considerable loads.

Vesconite, a hard-wearing thermopolymer designed for challenging operating conditions, has demonstrated its ability to carry these loads with little wear.

The trolleys that it is fitted to are used all over South Africa, including on South Africa’s mines, which require insulation and cladding for their refrigeration and acid plants.

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