Vesconite pulleys added to agriculture hitching solution
13 August 2021

A Vesconite pulley has been introduced as a standard component in a hitching solution developed by a New Zealand agricultural equipment manufacturer.

Located on the lift arm of the system, the rope that passes through the pulley is fed first to a rotating top pin and then to a bottom pin. The whole hitching solution is attached to the tractor cab and used to attach to a range of trailed implements and farming equipment.

“Vesconite pulleys have been introduced as standard in the SAM Quick Hitch in the last few months,” says Vesconite Bearings representative Eddie Swanepoel.

The rope glides easily in the low-friction material of the pulley.

Since the Vesconite pulley, which acts as a rope guide, is low-friction, it is less noisy and animals do not frighten easily, adds Swanepoel.

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