Vesconite plate machining answers client demands
17 August 2020

Wear material and bushing manufacturer Vesconite Bearings has taken delivery of a Haas gantry router with a 3,200-mm bed.

“This will be a busy addition to the company‚Äôs machining capability,” says production manager Robin Crabb.

The router will allow the company to machine parts on its substantial x-y axis, and rout out integral parts from long-length plates.

“There are exceptionally long bearings that we machine and bend and this will save time and improve the quality of machining,” notes Crabb of the router, which will eliminate the need to shift plates and connect portions of work on shorter-bed machines.

Since delivery of the equipment, Vesconite Bearings has been preparing to commission the router: the company has designed and fitted a bespoke vacuum bed to suck plates down while machining. Staff have also completed tool training by the OEM manufacturer.

“This extends our capability,” says Crabb.

“There is a call from our customers for large precision machined plates. We have a large number of orders that can benefit from being machined on a long bed.”

Crabb notes that the router has been upgraded to incorporate a fast spindle that will bring down machining times, in line with the company’s commitment to quick despatch times.

It also has tool and work probes that will allow it to automatically and continuously check part dimensions.

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