Vesconite packaging solution proves successful
18 September 2019

In the five years since Vesconite Bearings introduced a minimum of two layers of corrugated cardboard packaging around each of its dispatched polymer bushings and rods, the company has had no returns from breakages due to transportation.

The company instituted this as a packaging standard after a complaint by a customer led it to investigate its packaging policies.

Vesconite Bearings then decided that ļ¼ if stock items could not be packed into rigid tube-like cores ļ¼ rods and bushings would be placed in corrugated board, with the ends folded and taped for protection.

Rods and bushings would be further wrapped in corrugated cardboard, so that cardboard would provide additional packaging.

For airfreight packaging, the package would be included in a box where it weighed less than 20kg and secured to a pallet if the box or set of boxes weighed more than 20kg, to ensure easy handling.

The company believes that this set of packaging policies ensures customer satisfaction since corrugated cardboard, with an arched paper that fits between two liners, can carry a range of weights, protect against moisture, and is a sustainable, recyclable packaging solution.

“We have entered a new era in which you never get any returns as a result of breakages during transportation,” enthuses stores manager Martin Nyathi.

“Our packaging prevents cracking and breaking so that customers receive their orders intact,” he says.


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