Vesconite freewheel bike bushing operating well after 10 000km
01 July 2018

When cycling enthusiast Willem Goosen noticed in a service that the cogset on his bike’s rear wheel – known as the rear freewheel – had quite a bit of play, he decided to make his own smaller lubrication-free Vesconite bushing.

“I decided on Vesconite as it has all the characteristics that I required,” says Goosen. He requested the bushing from South African manufacturer Vesconite Bearings, which makes the polymer that doesn’t require lubrication, does not swell in water, has low resistance and requires low maintenance.

Goosen’s do-it-yourself bushing solution resulted in significant savings since, typically, a new freewheel body would have been required if a standard OEM bush was required.

In addition, since there was wear to the hub, a repair with OEM parts would have required the replacement of the hub, since wear had resulted in too much play for a standard OEM bearing to be employed.

“The Vesconite bush is still in a good state. No excessive wear has been noticed,” says Goosen.

“It has done over 10,000km since installation and only removed twice for cleaning and lubrication.”

Goosen started fitness cycling in 2009, and he is an active social cyclist, training five or six days a week.

Goosen has completed several South African cycle races, including multiple completions of the world’s largest individually-timed cycling race, the 109km Cape Town Cycle tour, which is the first non-European event to be included in the Union Cycliste Internationale’s Golden Bike Series.

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