Vesconite Bearings invests in quality control
29 June 2018

As part of an initiative to ensure that its machined components are produced to specification for clients, Vesconite Bearings has invested in quality-control equipment as well as software dedicated to inputing and recording machined component measurements.

The new quality-control equipment includes electronic vernier callipers, micrometers and height gauges that will assist to measure the length, outside diameter, inside diameter and wall thickness of bushings and machined components, where these were measured exclusively through mechanical means and read off by a skilled quality-control expert in the past.

Electronic measurements are regarded as more accurate and an important way in which the consistency of machined parts can be ensured, says chairperson Jean Patrick Leger.

Electronic measurement also allows quality controllers to combine temperature measurement with metrology. Measured sizes can change with temperature, and can differ if the country of origin has substantially different weather conditions to the country in which a component will be used. As a result, it is important to note the conditions under which the component conforms to specifications, and adjust for new conditions if necessary.

In addition, the new measurement technique allows measurement to be carried out in the shop shortly after machining. This ensures that machining operations that are tending to go out-of-spec can be quickly identified and adjustments made to machining equipment before any material is wasted.

The intention is to use the latest metrology standards, provide traceable error-free measurement records, increase the quality and consistency of machined parts, and reduce wastage due to late correction of inaccurately set manufacturing equipment.

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