Vesconite 3D Printer Bushings

Printer users can now replace bronze sleeve bushings or linear ball bearings with polymer sleeve bushings. These are supplied in Vesconite Hilube (a low-friction polymer) or in Vesconite Superlube (an ultra-low-friction polymer). 3D printer users report a phenomena called “dimpling and pimpling” when a rod becomes nonuniform. This phenomena is caused by the rod slightly lifting on one side and slightly tilting on the other side, as the extruder head moves from one side to the other. This is typically a result of wear to the rod. 3D printer users report that this phenomena is eliminated when Vesconite Hilube bushings are introduced.

Common 3D Printer Bushings Applications

Vesconite 3D Printer Bushings Resources


  • Noise reduction
  • Tight running clearance for improved printed parts
  • Self-lubricating
  • Low friction
  • Shaft friendly
  • Custom sizing available
  • Layering improves


  • PRUSA MK Series
  • Ultimaker
  • RepRap
  • Makerbot
  • XYZ printing
  • and many more.


Vesconite Bearings offers the full LM (Linear Motion) range of ball bearing replacements across a wide range of printers.

Vesconite Bearings also offers custom sizing. Kindly send your special requirements to

Any and all proposed replacements (V-Slot configurations, lead screw replacements, etc.) can be directed to

Vesconite 3D Printer Bushings Case Studies
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A UK manufacturer of brackets for electrical equipment has changed its 3D printer bushings to Vesconite ones. The manufacturer had used roller…
Norwegian innovator Kent Thoresen used Vesconite Hilube sleeve bushings in his project to build a more reliable and less-noisy 3D printer. About eight years ago, he started 3D printing various parts for other projects and became aware of some clear weaknesses in open-source 3D printer designs.
A company that sells South African computer components and accessories chose Vesconite Hilube bushings when the brass bushings on one of the owner’s 3D printers needed to be replaced.
I recently installed Vesconite Hilube bushes to my Bear printer in the USA. The bushes and printer have been performing faultlessly. I then…
I have installed the Vesconite Superlube bushings on my machine. After a small amount of testing with these bushings, I have to…
There's little to no torsional play in the bed of my printer since fitting the Vesconite Hilube bushings and I cannot see…
The Vesconite Hilube bushings ran smoothly with slight clearance when I tested them on the rods. I have now re-built the extruder…
I have installed the Vesconite Superlube bushings on my MK3 with stock rails and the Vesconite Hilube on my Bear with MK3…
We have been running trials with Vesconite Hilube sleeve bushings on 3D printers in Norway, to create more robust, reliable and smoother-operating…
I have finally installed my Vesconite bushes. All I hear now is stepper motors and fans! Other movements depending on bushings are…
My order from Vesconite Bearings in South Africa arrived in Canada quickly and in great condition. The major concern with competitors is…
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