‘It is a fantastic material…’
05 December 2017

“We are a biomedical design company designing and selling medical devices worldwide. One of our devices used to monitor kidney function contains a bag which is mechanically clipped to a urine tub, using a specifically designed machine that pulls the tub and bag together under force and makes sure that the two mating surfaces ‘click’ in place. During this clipping process, the machine applies a force of over 100kg onto two brass bushings. This functions as a bearing, allowing rotational movement in the horizontal plane. No lubrication can be added to the bushings once assembled. Both the brass bushings and needle bearings failed and seized after less than four weeks. Vesconite was chosen as an alternative, and the company engineered and supplied the replacement bushings. After six months the bushings were still functioning perfectly and on removal for inspection showed no signs of wear at all. They were refitted and are still in use five months later. It is a fantastic material and we have subsequently used Vesconite as a replacement for other medical equipment which we design.”

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