‘756 days of print time and 28,661 meters of filament’
12 June 2023

“I bought my first Prusa MK3 printer in August 2018 and a couple of months later I purchased Vesconite Hilube bushings for all the axes rods. The linear roller bearings included with the printer just weren’t holding up. This printer is still my workhorse with the original Vesconite Hilube bushings. Here are the stats on that printer using Vesconite Hilube bushings:  28,661 m of filament over 756 days of print time (over 2 years of printing). I have never had to disassemble the printer for bushing maintenance.

“Since then, I have purchased several other printers. Including several of my friends’ purchases, all of them are using Vesconite bushings! I have an additional four printers, which are variations of the Prusa MK3, and all the  MK3 printers were built between 2019 through 2021 and are using either Vesconite Hilube or Vesconite Superlube from the day they were built.

“Of my newer printers, one uses Vesconite Superlube and only prints ABS and ASA, one uses Vesconite Hilube and prints PLA, PETG and TPU, one uses Vesconite Superlube and prints PLA, PETG and TPU, and one uses Vesconite Hilube and only prints carbon fiber.

“I ordered the newly-released Prusa MK4, which will be arriving mid to late June 2023. I have ordered and received the new LM8UU Vesconite Superlube self-centring bushings from Vesconite for this machine.”

Keith is also waiting for the LM10LUU (self-aligning) version to be finalised by Vesconite Bearings, and he will be installing these bushings on the Z-axis of the new MK4.


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