‘Vesconite is now used globally in our airboats, with excellent results’
05 December 2017

“We manufacture airboats, which utilise an engine, gearbox and large wind turbine. These boats are used in flood relief, disaster management, environmental clean-ups, anti-poaching missions, border patrol and oil and gas exploration in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. The boats previously used nylon dampers encased in stainless steel tubes, as supports for the engine, gearbox and propeller system. Due to the constant vibrations and strain, these tubes cracked continually. A new disc and cup system was designed to replace the tubes and Vesconite was our material of choice. With its excellent low-friction properties, easy-to-machine qualities and ability to work well in salt and fresh water, Vesconite is now used globally in our airboats, with excellent results.”

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