Vesconite ensures smoother operation of aeration windmills

A US based aeration windmill manufacturer installed Vesconite Hilube bushings on its windmills, leading to smoother and more efficient operation. The bushings are an essential component in aeration windmills, which aerate ponds in private and public spaces, since fan rotation is key to ensuring that the diaphragm moves up; compressed air is taken in; and the compressor builds up pressure, which is released into the air line leading to the water. Because of this, the windmills are more efficient at reducing algae and foul smells, controlling mosquitos and creating a healthier environment for fish.

Canadian ocean-powered turbines fitted with Vesconite Hilube

Two mounted ocean-powered turbines are generating electricity in Nova Scotia, Canada, using Vesconite Hilube plates that make up large bushings. The ocean-powered turbines went live in November 2016, and their installation is seen as a trial of future current-powered farms that could comprise of 30 turbines. These ocean-powered turbines are expected to utilise the continuous directed streams of seawater which, circulate through the oceans, to generate electricity.The 300-t steel assembly forms an open-ended turbine and has a simple lubricant-free design with no seals or gearbox, so as to reduce maintenance requirements.

Tidal energy equipment developer chooses Vesconite Hilube

Tidal energy equipment developer Norwegian Ocean Power has successfully trialled its Pulsus horizontal-axis spiral-design tidal turbine, as part of the development of its first commercial unit. The turbines were tested dynamically for composite structure and bushing performance. The 0,5m-diameter Vesconite Hilube bearings which were installed on each end of the horizontal unit, performed well in their ability to absorb vibration. Vesconite Hilube was selected after the testing of various competing products that were less flexible and exhibited dry-run problems.

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