Pump efficiencies improve with bushings and wear rings
26 February 2019

Several pump manufacturers have discovered that a combination of Vesconite Hilube bushings and wear rings can improve pump efficiencies even more than the introduction of either the bushings or the wear rings.

“One client introduced Vesconite Hilube bushings into their multi-stage pumps, but still had a stainless steel wear ring that needed bigger running clearances,” explains pump technical advisor Phillip de Villiers.

“The company has since switched to Vesconite Hilube wear rings, thereby reducing running clearances and improving efficiencies,” he says.

Efficiencies are improved if thermopolymer wear rings and bushings are used together and their running clearances are matched to each other. This results in reduced leakage as well as electricity savings.

In addition, metal-on-metal wear is eliminated, since polymer components that touch the metal are worn away themselves rather than having the metal wear away or damaged.

“Every pump manufacturer is trying to achieve better efficiencies,” says De Villiers.

“This is why many are seriously considering Vesconite Hilube bushings or wear rings and, increasingly, both Vesconite Hilube bushings and wear rings in their multi-stage pumps,” he concludes.

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