Vesconite joins the outdoor gym craze
12 December 2017

If you thought you had to get your endorphin fix in a sweaty indoor environment filled with unsightly Lycra, think again. The outdoor gym craze has finally hit South Africa, with increasingly sophisticated gym park equipment popping up in trendy urban hotspots. And, with this new fitness phenomenon comes specialised bushing demands that can withstand not only heavy human use, but nature’s elements.

Jonathan van Biljon, of Lani Service Centre in Johannesburg, demonstrates how the company is using Vesconite bushings to good effect in its robust fitness equipment.

Van Biljonā€™s company started manufacturing outdoor gym equipment four years ago, in response to a need from park authorities, truck stops, mining companies and residential estates – all eager to provide gym facilities in a natural setting.

Various gym equipment designs were rejected, including designs with screw-in bolts, as it was found that scrap metal seekers simply unscrewed the bolts and made off with the metal components.

Metal bushings and a competitorā€™s plastic bushings were also rejected when it was discovered that the gym equipment became difficult to operate over time and eventually seized in response to corrosion and a lack of lubrication.

Vesconite gradually emerged as the answer to Lani Service Centre’s problem, given it self-lubricating properties and ability to withstand whatever the elements threw at it.

The manufacturing process was tweaked further by injecting a small amount of grease on the bushing during assembly, together with a pin through the bushing and an outer steel sleeve with a washer at the end, which was welded to the counter metal beam, thereby serving as a deterrent to would-be scrap metal thieves.

Outdoor gym facilities are likely to become ever more popular as a means to improve fitness, encourage community building and general health by providing a cost-effective alternative to traditional gyms. Vesconite is thrilled to be part of this trend.

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