New Zealand earthmoving industry opens up for Vesconite
02 October 2019

Vesconite Bearings believes that the earthmoving industry in New Zealand has significant potential, with some of its first forays into this sector showing promise.

Vesconite Bearings New Zealand’s technical sales representative, Eddie Swanepoel, explains that he has been introducing this market to Vesconite, having convinced a plant-hire company, which carries out its own repairs and sells original equipment and other parts, to install four bucket bushings (also called skip bushings) on a Volvo A30 dump truck.

The high-wear-resistant no-grease polymer bucket bushing will replace a green nylon one that is supplied by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

It is regarded as a like-for-like application, since the measurements of the OEM part are identical to that supplied by Vesconite.

However, it will not wear out as quickly as nylon and will not have to be greased as often.

“The application will definitely work,” Swanepoel enthuses, noting that Vesconite Bearings has been successful with a similar part in a UK OEM’s articulated dump truck (ADT) and has also had success with replacement parts for various ADT makes and models.

Swanepoel notes that there are a large number of equipment-hire companies in New Zealand that could benefit from his product offering.

ADTs are popular in areas where uneven ground is present and where a large flat rigid dump truck is unsuitable.

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