Solve heavy load grab wear problems even in dirt
22 September 2021

Vesconite bushings were fitted to an eight-cubic-metre, multi-purpose grab used to offload ships in Durban ‑ the port that handles the greatest volume of sea-going traffic of any port in southern Africa.

The grab operated under conditions of high ambient temperatures, high humidity and dirt. It was in use 22 hours daily for seven months of the year.

After six years of work, the grab was overhauled and the bushings examined.

The Vesconite bushings:

  • showed no signs of heavy wear;
  • had worn evenly (previous bronze bushes used had worn unevenly); and
  • the pins revealed no signs of wear.

Vesconite is proven when high loads must be carried with small clearances under dirty and unlubricated conditions, and is also most effective in moist, immersed and corrosive applications.

Vesconite combines a high load bearing capacity greater than that of white metal, with self lubricating properties better than those of nylon, while giving up to 10 times longer service than phosphor bronze.

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