Vesconite bushings proven in 5th wheel application
17 October 2023

Vesconite Bearings, a pioneer in providing innovative solutions to the heavy-transport industry, has long been associated with the successful use of Vesconite bushings in the 5th wheel of freight-carrying trucks.

Its first use in this application was on the fifth wheel of an Oshkosh 66-ton truck in the 1990s.

Its use in the application demonstrated Vesconite Bearings’ commitment to delivering advanced solutions that enhance performance, durability, and cost-effectiveness.

Fifth wheels, to which trailers attach to trucks, are critical components that experience substantial wear and tear during operation.

In particular, the bearings associated with them can be damaged with frequent braking and accelerating.

As a result, when the owner of the Oshkon 66-ton truck found that his fifth-wheel phosphor bronze bushings needed to be replaced, he turned to Vesconite.

Unlike traditional bushing materials, Vesconite bushings offer numerous advantages that significantly improve the overall efficiency and longevity of the application, including:

  • Extended service life: Vesconite bushings are designed to provide longer life compared with conventional materials, ensuring reduced downtime and maintenance costs.
  • Lower shaft wear: Vesconite bushings effectively reduce shaft wear, contributing to the smooth operation of the 5th wheel and the entire truck and trailer assembly.
  • Cost savings: Vesconite bushings offer an economical alternative, costing only two-thirds of the original OEM parts, without compromising on performance or durability.
  • Machinability: Vesconite material is easy to machine to the required size, allowing for simple adaptation to worn shafts or housings. This eliminates the need for complete shaft rebuilding or housing repairs.

The successful application of Vesconite bushings in the Oshkosh 66-ton truck’s 5th wheel marked a significant achievement in the heavy-duty automotive industry and addressed wear and durability concerns.

As Vesconite continues to revolutionise heavy-transport applications, it anticipates attracting more repairers of trucks and logistics and freight firms seeking high-performance, cost-effective solutions.

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