For lead-free water pumps, Vesconite has a solution
06 March 2019

From agriculture to water utilities, California’s total ban on lead has affected numerous industries. With a rising number of highly public water crises occurring, an increase in similar legislation is expected throughout the country. In preparation, many pump manufacturers that typically use bronze bearings are switching to Vesconite Hilube. Not only does the advanced thermopolymer outperform metallic bearings, it fully complies with lead-free regulations.

The bronze used for pump bearings is commonly an alloy of copper, tin and other metals, with lead added as a lubricant. As it wears, it leaches this toxin into irrigation, livestock, food manufacturing and potable water.

In contrast, lead-free Vesconite Hilube is self-lubricating and offers 10 times the wear life of bronze. This is an important consideration when dealing with aquifer and other pumps that are difficult and costly to maintain.

Unlike metallic bearings, Vesconite Hilube provides an exceptionally low friction coefficient range of 0.1–0.2. This allows for dry starting without stick-slip.

It won’t delaminate or swell, and can be run dry and used continuously up in temperatures up to 150° F. For irrigation applications, Vesconite Hilube excels in dirty field conditions.

Vesconite Hilube machines easily with tolerances of +/-0.001″. Due to its high dimensional stability and load strength, it can be threaded.

Vesconite is accredited to ISO 9001. Its polymers are available in North America as custom precision-machined parts or raw stock. Hollow bar, solid rod and plate stock shapes are available in a broad range of dimensions and thicknesses.

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