Farm equipment designer specifies Vesconite
03 December 2020

A custom farm implement designer will recommend Vesconite for all the bushings on a ripper / cultivator that he is currently designing, in line with a belief in Vesconite’s no-swell self-lubricating wear-resistant characteristics that have led to him using the bearing material on all of his agricultural equipment.

Designer and innovator Kobus van Zyl, of Verbo Engineering, says that Vesconite will be specified for 30 hinge points on the ripper and eight 70 mm diameter bearings on the ripper’s rollers.

He will be making five rippers for a farmer in Marquard, in South Africa, and all of the rippers will have Vesconite installed, he informs.

The farmer who has commissioned the rippers wanted equipment that spanned 8 meters, could attach to his large tractors, use existing tynes that he had in stock, and be effective in preparing and harvesting fields of maize, sunflower and soya.

The 8 meter span of the ripper was of particular importance since this will result in considerable fuel savings. The new design will replace an existing 6.4 meter wide implement and thus cover a larger tract of land as it moves across the farm.

This is much more cost effective since less fuel is required.

Van Zyl notes that he is finalising the design for the ripper and then will order the necessary components.

He will order the metal work from a local laser cutter and will order the precision machined bushings from Vesconite Bearings since he is impressed by the quality of the company’s machining.

Van Zyl expects to start assembling the ripper in January 2021 and to complete one machine each month.

The commissioning farmer is likely to use the machines to prepare for planting and then for harvesting maize and soya in June and July 2021.

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