Vesconite bushings used on front suspension of Raceco off-road racing car

A South African enthusiast imported a Raceco off-road racing car from the United States where it is manufactured and assembled.

Within four races, the four front radius suspension arm bushings had worn badly and damaged the mating shafts. The steering was adversely affected. The bushings had to be replaced and the shafts re-finished.

The acetal bushings were replaced with Vesconite bushings. The bushings successfully operated for a full season of six races without further attention other than lubrication.

Vesconite is also used on the back suspension, again successfully replacing the original imported bushings.

The advantages of using Vesconite in these applications are:

  • Availability – produced in a wide size range of bushings for easy machining and replacement
  • Competitive cost
  • Longer life
  • No shaft damage
  • Minimum maintenance
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