Rail container trailers fitted with Vesconite bushes

South Africa – Vesconite flanged pivot bushings have been successfully installed and used on container trailers at the national rail utility. The Vesconite bushes, with a flange of 205 mm diameter and a bore of 165 mm, were fitted to the walking beam centre pivot bearing that equalises component parts of the rear axle bogies. This heavy duty application required a material which had high load carrying capacity, low friction, high wear resistance and good dimensional stability. Vesconite, with all these characteristics, was used on the trailers that are used to transport 12-m-long general purpose containers.

Vesconite bushings used in tyre test rig

South Africa – Mechanical and aeronautical engineering students at the University of Pretoria, in South Africa, are using Vesconite bushings in their tyre test rig, located at the University’s Vehicle Dynamics Group. The rig consists of a shaft that is pushed axially through the bushes by an actuator. On the other end of the rig is a metal plate that is pushed against a tyre when it is tested. The rig currently tests small commercial vehicle tyres, but the intention is for the Vehicle Dynamics Group to test larger dump truck tyres.

Vesconite selected as ideal material for trailer axle bushings

Asia-Pacific / Australia-New Zealand – Vesconite and Vesconite Hilube bushings continue to be ordered by a large manufacturer and supplier of trailer axles in Australasia. The company converted to Vesconite and Vesconite Hilube bushings over a decade ago, having used nylon previously, and continues to order hundreds of bushings, advertising that it has partnered with global experts in truck and trailer technology to ensure savings in maintenance and downtime. The Vesconite and Vesconite Hilube bushings are wear resistant, operate quietly and do not delaminate or distort under high loads. The self-lubricating bushings outlive bronze or nylon and, for axle manufacturers, the bushings also offer the opportunity of extending the warrantee offered with axles.

Vesconite suspension bushes used in Dakar Rally 4×4 vehicle

Argentina – Vesconite Hilube bushings were used as suspension bushings in a modified 4×4 vehicle at the Dakar Rally. The polymer bushings were thoroughly tested prior to the rally. The gruelling 9,000km Dakar Rally is a multi-country South American endurance race through various terrains, including sand dunes, mountains and salt flats. Suspension bushings are considered important in vehicle safety, ride comfort and handling and also align suspension and steering components, paramount in the Dakar, in which vehicles travel at between 100 kph and 200 kph in all kinds of terrain over 15 days. In the Dakar 4×4 vehicle, the bushings were exposed to an oscillating movement with many cycles per minute taking place, and performed much better than the nylon-molybdenum bushings that they replaced.

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