Building on excellent automotive results for more than 30 years
04 October 2023

Some 30 years after a robust test on Vesconite automotive bushings, mechanics and maintenance and design engineers in the automotive sector continue to use Vesconite bearing materials.

A significant milestone in Vesconite’s success in the automotive industry occurred when a prominent South African vehicle manufacturer of a global automotive brand conducted extensive testing on shackle bushings manufactured by Vesconite Bearings and compared these results to tests carried out on bronze bushings.

The results were nothing short of extraordinary.

The test vehicle, subjected to 5,000 kilometres of harsh conditions on a rigorous test track, demonstrated the superior performance of Vesconite’s bushings.

The arduous test conditions on the track were said to approximate the equivalent of 150,000 km of testing under normal conditions.

In comparison to imported bronze bushings, Vesconite’s products exhibited significantly less wear.

In fact, the vehicle manufacturer’s metrology lab concluded that Vesconite bushings could provide a lifespan three to four times longer than traditional bronze bushings.

This historic achievement underscored Vesconite Bearings’ dedication to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the field of bearing materials; achievements like this one have been important in establishing the company’s brand name in the automotive industry.

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