After 20,000 nm, Gunboat 66 still running with Vesconite
07 November 2018

With a downwind sail area of over 4,600 sq. ft. and a top speed well over 20 knots, the Gunboat 66 is a boat where components simply cannot bind. That’s why when Slim was refitted in 2015, Vesconite was used as the rudder and daggerboard trunk bearing material. The ultra-low friction polymer has performed flawlessly in over 20,000 ocean nautical miles.

Internally lubricated Vesconite is engineered for high compression strength and dimensional stability. This makes it perfect for the extreme loads a 34,000 lb. boat can place on its foils.

In 2015, Slim’s daggerboards were replaced with longer versions that are better supported by the low-friction Vesconite bearings at the deck and lower exit. Combined with a reduced chord, the extra 3.5′ make them far more efficient with an improved lift to drag ratio. For details of the refit: Read more

“The Vesconite has been flawless,” said Travis McGarry, Slim’s charter captain. “They’re still performing as new and I’d like to use it again just to get a tighter tolerance.” Vesconite has exceptional wear properties and can be machined to tolerances of +/-0.001″.

A 66′ all-carbon fiber performance ocean cruising catamaran, Slim sleeps six in three staterooms, all with en-suite baths, flat screen TVs and air conditioning. Currently in Spain, it is heading to the Caribbean this November.

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