The VescoPlastics story goes right back to 1968, when founder and chemical engineer Alain Francois Leger began researching the potential for polymer bearing materials in the gold mines of the Orange Free State – a harsh environment characterised by dirty and wet conditions. Fifty years on, VescoPlastics is South Africa’s leading manufacturer of low friction, low wear polymer bearing materials for a wide range of industries in over 100 countries across the globe. These include agriculture, railways, mining, pumps, heavy transport, hydro, wind turbine, earthmoving and marine. The VescoPlastics factory spans 12 000m2 and features advanced extrusion, injection-moulding and machining facilities. The factory produces both standard stock (rods, bushings and plates) and high quality finished parts. The company is ISO 9001:2016 certified.

Image: Dr Jean-Patrick Leger, CEO VescoPlastics
Our Production Facilities

Our factory is based in Virginia, South Africa, and spans an area of 12 000m2. This is the one of the largest polymer engineering facilities in the world. The factory features a number of processing and machining plants, as well as a chemical laboratory. Apart from the factory’s extensive machine and equipment range, the facilities include compounding, machine, extrusion, extrusion annealing, moulding, moulding annealing and construction shops. Our products are shipped directly from the factory to all corners of the globe. Our average delivery time is in most cases 2 - 3 days from time of order. An achievement we're very proud of.

Our Staff

Over the course of 50 years our company has grown to 71 full-time employees - the majority of these are based at our manufacturing facilities in Virginia. The balance are employed by our Johannesburg sales and administration division. VescoPlastics also utilises a number of international sales consultants around the world.

Community Outreach

The gold mining town of Virginia is poorly provided for in terms of social infrastructure and facilities. As the town’s largest employer, it is our social responsibility to assist in the upliftment and empowerment of communities both locally and in other parts of South Africa. In Virginia the company has been and remains a significant contributor to education, through the establishment and support of the Meloding Day Care Centre, a creche facility for the town’s children.

Our Learnership Program

We run a successful Learnership Programme at our production plant in Virginia, South Africa. The programme provides mentorship for 30 individuals, where training and guidance is provided by the company for formal apprenticeships and qualifications. In addition to the Learnership Programme, the company provides opportunities for new staff members to undertake apprenticeship programmes in electrical and fitting and turning.

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Our Industries
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