I noticed you have two different versions. What is the difference between them?

We have two different grades available: Vesconite Hilube (white), the standard grade, and Vesconite Superlube (pink), the advanced grade. 

Which is better suited for my printer? Hilube or Superlube?

Vesconite Hilube and Vesconite Superlube both have self-lubricating properties, reduce noise and have a low coefficient of friction. As such, both versions are suited for 3D printers and can provide benefits for 3D printer users.

Vesconite Superlube is the advanced grade. It has a significantly lower coefficient of friction and also comes at a higher price. However, depending on the customer’s personal preference and budget, it might be preferred since its lower friction will result in less strain on the stepper motors and result in an extended wear life. 

Do I need to use any lubrication?

No, Vesconite is self lubricating and does not require any grease. However, any form of lubrication will extend the wear life of a component and reduce the overall friction. As a result, double recess grooves were incorporated in our stock bushings to act as either a grease and lubrication reservoir, or a dust and grime trap, should this be required.

Where can I buy these?

Direct sales (send your enquiry to vesconite@vesconite.com) or visit our online store https://www.vesconite.com/order-vesconite-3d-printer-bushings/

What bushing/bearing range do you offer?

We are able to provide a replacement bushing for the standard linear motion (LM) range. We also manufacture custom sizes for unique requirements (incl. non-standard dimensions and custom builds, etc.) Send your request for custom sizing to vesconite@vesconite.com.

Securing of Bushings

  • Regardless of what housing or securing method is used to install these bushings, one should always be careful of over-clamping or over-tightening as this may cause bore closure or some shaft gripping due to the very tight running clearance. 

  • Vesconite bushings do not require a predetermined, equally distributed clamp loading to achieve the desired running clearance. 

What rods to you recommend?

  • These bushings have been designed to fit standard precision machined / smooth steel rods. They have a designed running clearance of 0.05mm (0.002”) for a snug fit without any shaft gripping. 

  • Different shaft tolerances will have different effects on the fit.

  • Carbon fiber rods are also perfectly suited. 

Do you have any bulk pricing structure?

No, these bushings are sold at a fixed price per unit. 

What are the main benefits of Vesconite over standard linear roller bearings?

  • Significant reduction in noise.

  • Self-lubricating: elimination or reduction of greasing cycles.

  • Shaft friendly and will not cause any damage to the shaft surface. 

  • Custom manufacturing available.

  • No stick-slip / stiction.

  • Available globally.

What if I encounter excessive stiction or the “crash detection” error flags? 

1. Misalignment

  • We have had multiple users experience this phenomena. These bushings are designed with a very tight running clearance as to eliminate any sloppy movement by both the printer bed and the extruder head. Experience had proven that a little bit of tinkering can work miracles. Due to the tolerance and inconsistency of mainly 3D printed housings, misalignment can play a big role in getting everything assembled. Some users have disabled the crash detection and have been printing without any issues whatsoever.
  • Another option is to print a different extruder support housing design that accommodates the longer LM8LUU (45 mm long) bushing. This also reduces the effect of misalignment. 

2. Over Clamping / Over tightening

  • The key is not to over clamp or over tighten these bushings when securing them. Vesconite bushings do not need any pre-loading to achieve the desired running clearance. The bushings have been designed with a standard 0.05 mm (0.002”) running clearance.